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Living in a minimalist style: 26 original ideas to suit every home

Examples of design of modern living room.

Living room in the house - shelter after a hardworking hours, and its interior is to reassure, to create the conditions for maximum relaxation. Therefore, minimalist interior in the living room - a great idea. Modest and concise design of the living room - the best way to create an atmosphere conducive to rest and to emphasize the sense of taste and style of the owner.

1. Spacious living room in bright colors

Lots of space and gorgeous landscape outside the window.

2. Light Classics

Classical white living room.

3. Effective zoning living

In this stylish living room there is a seating area, and an office

4. Minimalistika and high-tech in the living room

Nothing superfluous, and everything you need.

5. The semi-circular living room with pastel colors

The semicircular lounge creates an intimate atmosphere for dialogue.

6. Living ultramarine

The bold color solution for small living room.

7. Living room, where a lot of light

Windows in all the walls and comfortable furniture - the perfect country house solution.

8. Living with a contrasting interior

The contrasting color scheme gives the interior of the living room rigor.

9. Fireplace in living room interior

The living room in pastel colors, with a fireplace in the corner is always a warm atmosphere.

10. Floral prints

Floral prints bring to the interior of the living room freshness.

11. Light green-yellow living room

Warm colors in the design and planning makes the living room very attractive.

12. Unexpected color scheme

Classic style and original color scheme of the interior in the living room.

13. A striking accent in the bright living room

Lots of space, comfortable furniture, modern appliances.

14. Living in a studio apartment

The original planning solution for the living room.

15. The original living room in brown and violet tones

Matured colors - the key to a stylish interior.

16. Living in a modern style

Art Nouveau is still relevant today.

17. Light colors in the living room

Light colors visually expand the space of the living room.

18. Trey ceilings in the living room

Ceiling interesting design can become a bright accent in the interior of the living room.

19. Light and very warm living room

The room, which is cozy and warm.

The interior of the 1970

The living room in retro style: cozy and unusual.

20. Living room in warm colors

The living room, combined with a working cabinet.

21. Living room with a comfortable Medel

The living room should not be overloaded with furniture. Only the most necessary and most convenient.

22. The cozy living room in terracotta tones

Small living room with a bar - a great place to meet with the guests.

23. Lots of light

Lighting - an important part of the living room interior.

24. The living room-study

When a small apartment, faces blurred.

25. Warm tone in the interior of the living room

warm colors always make the interior comfortable.

26. Modern interior solutions for living

The cozy living room to warm meetings.

Harmony in the interior of the living room can not be achieved without proper curtains. Continuing the theme 20 practical ideas for decorating the interior rooms by means of curtains.

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