Deckchair on Rocker Soft solar students Massachusetts

Creative chaise lounge in the park

Space chaise

Many young people, after watching blockbuster movies with the space theme, certainly, want to get a likeness chair starship commander.

A group of students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology made the wildest dreams a reality. Read on, how they did it.

In the development of manufacturing technologiesOuter accessory active assistance rendered to children Shale Professor Kennedy. Rocker Soft, as it was called the students, is a cozy chaise lounge, where you can get some rest in the yard of the institution, waiting for the next lecture.

Beautiful chaise Solar

New round: functionality

To rest was functionally useful toppart of the «Rocker Soft» is equipped with a solar panel that allows you to charge a variety of devices: mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other small things without which today's young people can not do.

It is noteworthy that the engineering architecturesolar cells configured so that the possibility of charging the battery is maintained even after sunset. The design of all the loop-like product is created from soft wood.

Deckchair author's work

Harmony and comfort

The foundation on which the «Rocker Soft»It is a polyurethane panel green rubber retainer for the chair that allows you to manually deploy it under the most comfortable angle to the sun.

To work in the dark the subject is equipped with a LED strip neon lights, harmoniously distributed throughout the frame. This chair blurs idea of ​​rest and work.

Deckchair Solar

Students believe that as you immerse yourself inrelaxing futuristic design, you can enjoy the process of writing course, without experiencing any psychological discomfort, as it was earlier.

Bright sun lounger with backlight

Creative chaise illuminated - at night

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