Wonderful wicker pergola and deck chairs on the company's Skyline Design

Wicker garden furniture by the pool

When you dream of a luxurious vacation, and even inan exotic or tropical places on vacation on a white sandy beach, on the sea or ocean coast, beach chair, as a matter of course, becoming an integral part of the picture being drawn by you.

Braided arbor: the beauty and comfort

Skyline Design is a manufacturer of luxuryfurniture that makes your home more lovely, comfortable, original and stylish. You will enjoy the new summer collection of the author - a terrific line of wicker loungers material.

Magnificent sunbeds, gazebos made of reed, synthetic Braids and waterproof material. It looks this gazebo is very fresh and unusual, charming and elegant.

The spacious inner area and is quite simple,Spartan design allows to relax and have fun in this "summer house" of the entire family or with friends, while the bathroom has several functions.

High gazebo-wide chaise discardsscattered shade, and its soft pillows and comfy sofas provide comfort and underline the uniqueness. The exclusive design, decoration «Black Mushroom» fashionable and contemporary forms, you can spend the hot days, cool evenings and starry nights in the best possible way, sitting comfortably in the gazebo overlooking the waves.

Wicker garden furniture on the terrace

Beautiful gazebo with pillows and a table set

This chaise longue is ideal for those who loveand appreciates the small space and extravagance. Pergolas with compact conical shape carefully will save from the scorching sun, will bring great aesthetic pleasure, and thanks to mobility, allow to be near the many attractions of the outside world and just beautiful places.

Exquisite weaving arbors

Chaise lounge for romantic dates

In addition, these chairs provide you with a welcome and privacy or the opportunity to spend time alone with their loved ones, as may well be at some distance from each other.

It is perfect for a tropical climate,but if you want a very nice fit in the interior of your home country. And, the upper part of the arbor can be easily removed and turned into a large outdoor sofa or sofa.

In no very hot days, it allows you to feel more freshness. Agree, this romantic "nest" fully provides warmth and comfort.

Wicker garden furniture - top view

Designer garden furniture on the terrace

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