Variants of garden furniture for your green area

Multi-colored crown for the latticed wooden dining table

When autumn approaches I want to gain heat in the upcoming cold and now sit in the air for a delicious meal.

And when it comes to the seat, convenience comesin the first place. But do not neglect the beauty, because one does not contradict the other. And to choose a comfortable sofa, which can survive the cold and make you happy for a long time, this article will help.

Variations on a theme

Get out into the fresh air and your voteCroft. Smooth and sleek lawn? Many flowers and shrubs? Neglect? All this and a little bit more. Now imagine a place where you want to sit. Do you need a pillow, what kind of material you prefer, what style blends with your garden? And if you have arranged the lawn on the roof? Then you can find such? (Chicago Green Design Inc.)

Wooden benches and seating area in the garden

Maybe you want to arrange in their corner of the ancient castle, which over time will become even more beautiful. (Kettelkamp & Kettelkamp Landscape Architecture)

Stone chairs in the garden

And if you're a fan of Art Nouveau, then give your yard view of the museum will help elements like these. (Interior Marketing Group)

The wooden terrace by a small pool

To make it easier to decide remember howlook those chairs in which you prefer to relax indoors. The clean lines and smooth curves? No jewelry or carved? And just look the same, only intended for open space. (Leteke Ruypers Volpini via Houzz)

Round chairs on the pool terrace

Do not neglect the furniture, which is easy to move from place to place.

Benches and sofas, which are suitable forUse and summer café and indoor chairs - they can be removed in the winter to the closet and pull out when the first rays of the sun, move to the pool or under a tree - mobile and stylish. (Wettling Architects)

Sun beds on wheels pool

Most comfortable style becomes a victim. But it is quite beautiful and comfortable things. In the garden of cacti can admire the fire, sitting in a wooden handcrafted items from Westport Chairs. Details available from the manufacturer can be a video, and photos will be enough incurious

Wooden chairs around the fireplace in the garden

And fans of saturated shades have options. (Axis Mundi)

Bright orange-red chairs in the garden

What comfort without pillows. But it is important that they can be used outdoors without any problems. At the sight of such a chair would like to remove your shoes, pick up a book and relax all day. (Randy Thueme Design via Houzz)

Soft chairs in the garden

Lunch in the open air - what could be more pleasant! Chairs for food can be of various designs and styles, but sometimes you want simplicity. After all, luxury is not always appropriate. (Cary Bernstein Architect)

Bouquet of roses on a table in the garden

What about the yellow metal chairs aroundwooden table. Shabby paint yellow color blends in with the pattern of wood and all kind of seemed to shout - dine here! (Beccy Smart Photography)

Wooden bench under a tree in the garden

But enough words, enjoy a variety of garden benches!

White chairs in the garden

A large overstuffed chair under a tree

Soft wood from a living green fence

Wicker chairs on the terrace by the water

Soft corner under the palm trees by the pool

Black and white cushions on the wooden sunbeds

Food on a gray dining table and chairs

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