Unique rocking chair by Gisbert Baarmanna became the winner of the Red Dot

Relaxing rocking chair

We continue to acquaint you with interesting andunusual elements that can make the interior of the house more comfortable. Today I would like to show you the garden rocking chair completely unique shape. This chair - one of the winners of the renowned Red Dot Award in the field of product design.

Futuristic circles on the grass

Austrian designer was Gisbert Baarmanninspired by petals, what he saw on the lawn grass, and created graphically perfect design that is both stable and capable of rocking.

The author himself calls it "hyperbolic parabola." The idea was based on the contours of a circle curved in such a way that opposite points thereof as one another seek.

The result is a saddle-shaped configuration of a wooden base which is stable in itself remains flexible woven cover «Stamisol», which is a brand from Ferrari tissue.

Colorful rocking chair

Wooden frame rocking chair made by hand and laminated to be protected from moisture. The fabric stretches very well and as good returns to its original size and shape.

This piece of furniture can be made in various colors and with any logo you want. It may be used not only as garden furniture, but also in the home.

Lightweight and durable design rocking chair is equally well suited for relaxing in the sun, and to protect against it.

The original rocking chair

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