Unique garden furniture from the innovative basalt fiber from Raymond Cīrulis

Unique chairs and a table in the garden

Imagine that you have the opportunity to choose your dream house. The one that would display your lifestyle, your hobbies and interests, a place with a perfectly manicured garden.

Furniture for leisure

And if you have a garden, there will be special furniture for relaxation. And it must comply with the beauty and elegance of the whole situation.

Amazing table and chairs on the lawn

Lovely chair in the garden

Excellent table and chairs in the garden

A masterpiece of basalt fiber

Due to Latvian designer Raimonds Cirulis, fantasies become reality! As soon as I saw this beauty of basalt fiber, we immediately realized that I could not even dream of such.

Nothing like I've never met. These original pieces are absolutely new idea in the manufacture of garden furniture. Using volcanic material and modern design, Raymond managed to create seventeen types of light but durable products with beautiful designs by hand.

Creative chairs and a table on the grass

Adorable chair on the lawn

Delightful chair - side view

Artworks: Basalt lace

Get the exact same sets are unlikelysucceed, as each item is manufactured on a special project. This is the main feature of the collection - you do not get a standard set of furniture and unique works of art.

And you are free to enjoy the splendor of every day and have fun. Basalt fibers have many interesting properties.

Amazing armchair on a background of nature

Creative chair on grass

Elegant chair on the grass

Unusual chair - rear view

This is a very durable material, besides, he is able toabsorb ultraviolet light, radio and electromagnetic radiation. It is even used in the manufacture of Russian submarines as an additional protection against detection.

raw strength allows use of openwork beauty for decades.

Bright garden seat

A chair with a high back garden

Modern niche for storing wine

Nishi storage room in wine

The luxurious decor element

Unique swing

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