Unique Cabrio furniture from Jardin De Ville studio

Steep gazebo with curtains and soft chairs

The world of contemporary design outdoor furnitureHe is trying to achieve harmony with the environment. In our time, no longer all enjoy the rest on the wild beaches in spartan conditions, everyone wants maximum comfort during their holiday in the lap of nature.

For a comfortable stay at the lake

That is why the talented architects constantlylooking for innovative ways in the creation of outdoor furniture and all kinds of accessories to choose to provide us with during your summer vacation deserved comfort and pleasure.

It is this set of furniture called«Cabrio», specially designed for relaxing by the sea offers us Jardin De Ville. The unique design allows you to isolate themselves from indiscreet looks heavy curtains, open the folding roof and sunbathe on the comfortable cushioned loungers in any form, even naked.

If you've had enough to fry in the sun andyou just want to lie down in the shade, enjoying the breeze from the sea after a swim in the warm waters of the sea, then they close the roof, open the curtains and fix them around the poles - and your solarium turned into a cozy tent with a cool shade.

Different colors gazebo by the sea - top view

This unique modern complex can beplaced in any, you liked the place - in the yard of a country cottage near the pool in the garden among exotic plants in a villa in the coastal mountains of the Adriatic sea or on the shore of mountain lake away from civilization.

Includes soft chairs of the samecaramel color with itself tent, and their number depends on your desires, as well as original folding tables - stand and other small related accessories.

Unique furniture, deck chairs by the sea with decorative elements

This wonderful modern version of furniture for outdoor use will make your dream vacation on a secluded dong nature.

The complex is easily assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes and not fastidious in operation. You can easily arrange a family dinner, cut off from the outside world.

Leaving open only one of the four flat, to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surrounding area.

Great gazebo with lowered curtains

Cozy atmosphere

The visitors will be interested in the following information- «Cabrio» in English the word "Convertible" got its name for the sliding roof, made the prototype known as a prestigious sports car model.

This is a significant advantage over any such tents because of bad weather or to create artificial shade, you can always quickly close the sliding roof.

A modern complex, the so-called streetFurniture will help you create a cozy and warm home-like atmosphere while relaxing on the beach or observe the spectacular sunsets on your plot.

Wonderful gazebo, deck chairs and decorative elements on the beach

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