Unique bench Lyubkka the Turkish studio Nuvist

Sofa with smooth lines

Grad forum opens secrets. Design Lyubkka furniture is genuine interest. Living room furniture from Nuvist is a combination of the traditional vision and changing the style of today with its simple solid lines and subtle strokes.

Plastic forms and intelligent ergonomics

Convenient and endless smooth contour outlines of organically combined with a continuous three-dimensional surface, the name of this masterpiece - Lyubkka.

Beautiful sofa - top view

Sofa with smooth lines - side view

sofa legs with smooth lines

Corner sofa with smooth lines

Creative execution corner of the sofa

Sofa with smooth lines - rear view

Sofa with flowing lines with decorative elements in the room

Fine lines and complex shapes

Fine lines and intricate shapes are connected to sophisticated form, which makes the design interesting to observe from anywhere.

This kind of sofa has been provided especially for areas with a pronounced design - furniture feature in a special way to reflect light works wonders in the apartment, made in a minimalist style.

It can also take place in the centralspacious living room, creating a unique tandem with the original clock and carpet. The color scheme of the project is the most diverse, which allows it to adapt to any modern interior.

Amazing sofa from different angles

Multi-colored sofas

Bright sofas

All photos and information provided by the design studio Nuvist.

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