To round happiness: convertible furniture system from known kreativschitsy Carolina Fesser

Armchair blue

Those who love bright colors, bringing an exciting, fresh atmosphere in the interior, We are pleased to introduce you to a collection of furniture that is sure to cause a kind smile on your face.

Karoline Fesser, a designer from Germany, wasinspired by living algae and organisms that can build different structures and therefore established its furniture concept that offers the convenience of having an exceptional modern design and the actual decision to modern living needs.

Furniture System color of the sea

The collection, called Woonling, is changing the furniture system that adapts to the conditions of human life, makes it possible to build different in composition complexity.

It consists of the basic elements - roundpillows which may be used as a seat or backrest. By increasing their number, it is possible to modify the furniture at his own request and in accordance with the situation.

For example, a single cushion can bebe used as an ottoman. Attach the legs, get a chair, adding another pillow as the back and is ready armchair. And if there are several seats, then here's a sofa!

Chairs in blue tones

All this is very comfortable and functional, if you have at home are often guests. With this furniture you will never be puzzled by the problem of how to place them.

Furniture System of beautiful colors

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