The successful experiment with form and content: a collection of furniture

Creative armchairs, a sofa and ottomans with backlight

We are glad to welcome you. We invite you to plunge into the world of magic.

Italian designer Mario Bellini - justreal magician. In 2007, he created a series of furniture called "Stardust." The modern version of these items are made of white transparent fabric and now it is called «Via Lattea».

This is a real revolution in the field of interior affairs. It is filled with bubbles of clean air and light.

Also, new forms have been developed: «Mappamondo», «Buco bianco», «Galassia». But the master is not going to stop: he continues to further experiment and create variations.

Wonderful footstools and sofa Backlit

The main idea of ​​the project is the desire for ease and simplicity, as well as balance in the interaction of internal pressure and load, which makes the subject the human body.

This idea is in constant development. The wizard uses a variety of materials and substances that seemingly is not suitable for the manufacture of furniture.

Most of them are very often used inconstruction and other industries: stainless steel mesh, recycled fiber, stones. They all impress with their practicality. Plus, they make a very attractive thing.

Contrast sofa and ottoman

A perfect example are those substances which are generally used for the manufacture of earth, but of them to get comfortable armchairs.

Perfect Puffs - top view

Stunning beach chair and nightstand

Excellent furniture forming a seating area with light

Original furniture with backlit

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