The stylish curved shape in the design of wooden chairs determine the expected resounding success of new products

Luxury chairs made of wood

One of the most common waysmodern design - biomimicry. Architects widely use it to create stunning buildings and structures, they draw their inspiration from nature and borrow ideas from the designs of advanced evolution.

Here is a great example of creativity, ergonomics and style - all in one package - a wooden chair, which can be used in several different forms with ease.

This kit has a very unusual design: it can be used as a chair with a separate footrest, or as two separate stool or chair and two chairs, or even as an armchair with footrest and chair!

Unique wooden chairs

The designer was inspired by the rings, which can be seen inside the trunk of a tree, koi are actually the age of the tree.

The set consists of a beautifully created layerscurved plywood sheets which are used to recreate the ring as the base form. Smooth curves with polished surface combine raw materials and rustic appeal with contemporary design trends in an easy manner.

This kit is perfect for your living room, as well as office space. You can simply remove the extra parts from the main chair, when there is no need in them.

This is usually an extremely ergonomic and ideal for those who like furniture that can be used for different purposes, but at the same time and save space.

Designer chairs made of wood

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