The practical modular furniture: interesting embedded lockers «Matrioshka» from Sasha Mitrovic

Nested lockers

The whole world knows the famous Russian nesting doll -set of wooden dolls, which are inserted into one another. Serbian designer Sasa Mitrovic created original multicolored cases «Matrioshka» ( «Matryoshka"), in which you can store different things.

Our readers are interested in the fact that"Matryoshka" - the original modular storage system for apartments, consisting of wooden cabinets of various sizes and of the same shape, perfectly included in each other.

Sasa Mitrovic was in Italian cityFlorence, and he is currently working in Italy and Serbia. This unique project designer created in collaboration with the studio «TwentyTree», and cupboards were made on one of the Serbian furniture factories under the name «S.C.S. plus », which specializes in the production of school furniture, and the furniture factory« Ergomade », located in Denmark.

The set consists of six lockers that arevery carefully placed in the cabinet surround orange. If necessary, you can use only one locker, and the rest are in the folded state.

With such a set of creative furniture will be easy to implement quick moving to a new place of residence.

"The system is not only quite functional, but also makes us wonder - what is there hidden behind the original appearance", - shares his thoughts Serbian designer.

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