The original garden tables from Langan Fine Arts

Garden table made of concrete

Do you think how to decorate a personal plot? Pay attention to the original and unusual garden decor - stone tables, which have been developed and put into practice by specialists from the company Langan Fine Arts.

They will be a wonderful decoration of the track or the gazebo, also can be used as a step.

Stone Table

These elements have unparalleled concise and graceful form and stately silhouette, fits perfectly into any landscape.

Talented craftsmen make such monumental sculptures using rough stone textured surface, onto which the original vegetation patterns and ornaments.

Table top creative design headset designed as a stone plate with a hexagonal shape, the surface of which suffered a great colorful ornamental plant topic.

The play of color and decor

Please look on the bright color version of the pattern, it can fill a garden plot boundless charm and magnetism.

This wonderful sculpture is suitableto decorate the gazebo area or in front of a country house. Moreover, it is not only aesthetically pleasing in appearance, but also the incredible functionality, because the table is not afraid of strong winds, heavy rain and direct sunlight.

On the following photos to your eyesdemonstrated an amazing selection of these magnificent sculptures for the garden, which will surely attract the attention of many friends, guests and passers-by.

Look, maybe they come to transform your garden or suburban area.

A photo

Drawing on the table countertops

Rainbow painting table

Figure bird on concrete countertops

Complete this phenomenal stone statue of a beautiful pots with plants and flowers, which will give it an incredible charm, attractiveness and magnetism.

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