The original furniture and accessories for the street

The original garden furniture

So we waited for the warm of days thatwill allow us to enjoy a wonderful holiday in the fresh air. But in order for it to be really nice and comfortable, we have prepared for you 30 unique models of outdoor furniture and original accessories, without which you can not do.

Original furniture: photo

Rocking chair M'Afrique not take up much space. It is easy to carry, allowing you to move from one picturesque corner of your infield in another

Rocking chair Garden M'Afrique

Garden lamp made design Dmitry Loginov, it will not only be original decoration, but also bring to light your patio or veranda dim but soft light.

Garden lamp by Dmitry Loginov

How do you want to stay warm at night in the shadowstrees. But to sit in the dark is not very cozy. To resolve this neuyuta and garden lighting BDlove instrument on the design of Ross Lovegrove was created.

Garden lights BDlove

How do you want to lie down on a cozy couch, but not instuffy room and outdoors. Located on a terrace-style cozy soft piece of furniture to help Louis Crusoe, which was set up for this holiday. Buy a necessary and can be a beautiful thing in Home Concept boutique.

Sofa for the garden by Louis Crusoe

A surprising and original chair that you will cost nearly 300 euros, will be the perfect complement to the sofa, as described above.

The original chair chaise longue for the garden

In this headset lacks a good sturdy table, it can be purchased in the store Danish Store, pay attention to the Ford model, it is best choice for decoration outdoor terrace.

Folding table for the garden

You have blossomed flowers in the garden, the firstleaves on the trees, the birds sing their trills. To enjoy all this beauty, take the couch Swingrest, place it in the most picturesque corner, and enjoy a comfortable life, and beautiful scenery.

Beds for garden Swingrest

But this extraordinary chair created bydesign Fabio Novembre, will not leave anyone indifferent. It will perfectly fit into the interior of the open veranda or in the most beautiful, secluded corner of your infield.

Unusual chair for the garden

You want to have lunch in the open air? Then cover the table Pattern 520 from the company Emu and enjoy a pleasant pastime in the garden for a beautiful table and a delicious lunch.

Table Pattern 520 Garden

If you want to always hear the birds singing in your garden, to lure birds artists - buy them from Eva Solo feeder studio at a price of five and a half thousand rubles.

Feeders from Eva Solo Studio

In the country house must bedeckchair swing. This decoration green lawn, and irreplaceable piece of furniture that will help you relax and even feel like a child. Buy this model can be an excellent boutique Ambiente Direct in just one and a half thousand euros.

Chaise-swing for the garden

Decorating your garden and drive out of it in the eveningnight darkness - with this task successfully cope lamp Romeo. To become owner of this beautiful and desired object, enough 50 thousand rubles and a hike to the nearest store Svet Berry.

Lamp Garden Romeo

And here is another beach chair, too original and toocomfortable. It can be expanded in the garden, but you can take with you on a picnic. Of course, you first need to buy it. Shop "Flat-Interiors" provides the opportunity for 450,000 rubles.

The original deckchair for the garden

Cozy quiet, soft sofa, comfortableinterior - perfect conditions for a pleasant stay. On one of these conditions bother Paola Navone, creates thumbnails for superior settee, depicted in the photo.

Wicker Sofa Garden

And in this photo ekstrasovremenny piece of furnituregarden. More recently, it was not in nature, but today it is more and more attracts attention with its universal form and practicality. It is about the couch-pavilion from the company Kettal.

Couch pavilion from the company Kettal

Lunch in nature should not only be healthy, but also comfortable. With chairs Gardenia is achievable. Easy, convenient, delicate - these are the main qualities of this piece of furniture.

Folding chair for the garden

The famous designer Francois Azambura lastCentury has developed a fine piece of furniture, which now will serve you to decorate your holiday home - a chair Grillage, the price of which 50 thousand.

Armchair Grillage Garden

We do not stop to talk about the bizarre andunusual items, such as this one stool Flux, designed by Jersey Saymura. Look to it, probably, with it you will create a special atmosphere on their terrace.

Multi-colored stools Garden Flux

Leaving the country, I want to pack a lot of convenience items that will sit back and relax. This comfortable chair as the foldable instance, exactly what you need.

Folding chairs for the garden

Barlow Tyrie Studio has created a beautiful set forterrace. It will give it a laid-back look, and it is convenient to stay in the company of friends or family and have dinner, inhaling the scents of the night garden.

Furniture Set by Barlow Tyrie studio

Chair-web - the result of the creative imagination of the designer. Convenient, comfortable, beautiful and at the same time unpretentious. Entirely in the spirit of the times.

Trellis Garden chair

Again, chaise longue, this time the Wave. Modern style, comfortable, stylish and comfortable. With it provided a good rest in the garden, in the country, in a country house.

Wave Chaise longue for the garden

Not always we get to pick aparttaken home furnishings for one room, such as an outdoor terrace. So we pay more attention to the headset as this one, presented by Cane Line.

Upholstered furniture on the pool terrace

In this chair you can sit and admire the beautiful flowers in your garden or just have lunch, having put it to a comfortable massive table.

Blue chair for the garden

In this photo, one more beautiful and convenientchaise longue. Modern people can not imagine their lives without such a convenient attribute that makes outdoor recreation or plot the most convenient and comfortable.

Comfortable lounge chairs on the terrace

This is also a chaise lounge, but it stands out among other unusual design. However, the convenience and comfort of traditional high-end. It is also possible to take a picnic out of town or in the woods.

Portable Hammock Garden

Visit the shop Garden of Eden, inspecting allits range, look here to this charming and luxurious the sofa Kenya, he originally decorate your patio or garden path, sitting under the shade of trees.

Luxury sofa Garden Kenya

And this chair can be supplemented above the sofa and will add harmony in this extraordinary ensemble, perfectly blending in with the green spring garden.

Armchair for the garden

To hide from the midday hot sun youhelp luxury umbrella, the price of which may seem vysokoy- 1600 euro, but if you still it will gain, you will realize that it really is worth the money.

Luxury parasol

In this photo, one more beautiful, chic sofa Hoop. We offer you to install it under a roof terrace or under the shade of trees in the garden.

Chic sofa Hoop

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