The original bench by Israeli designer Gala Ben Arava

Bench made of bamboo

The modern world is now getting dirtier. So many people are trying to make your home the most ecological. In most cases, it is possible to achieve by using natural materials.


Introducing attention a very interesting idea of ​​a garden bench for your site.

Everyone knows that the bamboo - a plant thatIt is growing very rapidly. It is this property makes it an excellent building raw materials. In addition, it is characterized by high mechanical strength and durability in all weather conditions.

That is why the Israeli designer Gal Ben Arav used this material in its natural form. The project preserved the simplicity and natural morphology of fast-growing species.

The use of aluminum has created a kind of harmonic tension between naturalness and industry.

Unusual seat bamboo benches

One of the features of the object is that there are two forms of the subject to sit: with a back or without. All canes are interconnected by means of two molded frames, and which are also the supports.

In addition, it is possible to adjust the length of the object. Everything will depend on the number of seated and their weight.

Creative bench bench bamboo backless

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