The novelty of the domestic interior of the world - a mattress, a chair-ottoman

Functional chair mattress - rear view

Beautiful designer from Bulgaria - WohlenValentine, who works in the All In the studio, has created a new multi-functional piece of furniture. At first glance it might seem that a simple mattress, but it easily, with just one movement of the hand, can be converted into a comfortable chair or ottoman. You have the opportunity to appreciate this innovation.

Bulgarian gave his creation the name Teb Bed. He Made from durable mattress with side buckles and two pillows in the shape of a rectangle and a triangle. In a conventional unfolded it serves as a convenient place to sleep.

This option is suitable for those people who frequent guests and visiting relatives. But at other times it quickly turns into a soft ottoman or chair that will not take up much space.

Beautiful chair mattress

With his side straps corners can beconnect and use as the triangular soft seat stand. Alternatively, it should be easy to roll and use a second pillow.

The process of dismantling the chair-mattress

The author of this creation has recommended a more comfortable design: after he will roll slightly press down the middle, and you have a comfortable soft poof in the form of pear.

The perfect chair mattress

This original design may seem to you notvery democratic, but that it is quite economical, you will surely appreciate. All its components are made from waste materials, which are obtained during the production of mattresses.

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