The new collection of furniture by Dedon company, Austria

Beautiful day bed with canopy

The collection called City-Camp has appeared thanks to the efforts of the furniture company Dedon and creative ideas of the Austrian designer Annette Hinterwirth.

The cosiness and comfort for rest

Wonderful day bed with a canopy and pillows

Beautiful couch with a canopy

This stylish and modern furniture consists ofcouches and a roof that will provide you protection from the hot summer sun burning rays. Tatami (mats are traditional, which in Japan was covered floors of houses) will bring a little bit of softness and comfort.

The model in the form of swing will add coolness and relaxation, and a great curtain, though will continue to reliably provide shade, but will not become a hindrance to the rocking device.

Great couch with a canopy in the garden

Delightful day bed with a canopy and pillows

Master has made in meeting not only the diversity ofmodels, but also offered to choose between a trim gray-brown color, and the Cretaceous. For greater variation there are a number of different, both in form and pads on color.

This perfect design sure to give your rest special comfort, a feeling of serenity and peace.

Unique couch in the assembly and exploded

Excellent day bed with a canopy against the sea

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