Terra Collection: revolutionary suitable for reuse sets for open spaces, clean air!

Sofas for open space

Furniture Terra Collection, at first glance, the usual set for people with good taste.

Furniture Terra Collection: Practical and ecology

Fine furnishings, easy to combine suitable virtually any style of decoration. What is important - do not require much time and resources to care for themselves.

But they have a secret that makesdesigners designers walking in the forefront of modern progress. A set of furniture very welcome in almost any home, regardless of its size.

What is the highlight of which is no other? Do you want to know? Take a look here. We often talk about the eco-friendly decorative additions, harmless, do not spoil the view of the surrounding and becoming a natural extension of the surrounding area.

But such instances, employees for the benefit of the planet andmaking it cleaner and better, are rare. Today we want to show your friends a creative forum for truly one-of-a-kind Terra Collection from the Belgian designer.

It is designed with an elegant flair and revolutionary look into the future for Tribu. So special it makes use of innovative fiber called Canax.

Its properties are such that practical furniture, made from mixed material absorbs carbon dioxide around you, purifying the air.

Designer sofas on the terrace

Beauty and natural energy

Each product here - handmade. This ensures that you get the best in terms of quality and coverage, mixed from natural hemp and pieces of furniture Canax gives natural energy and natural beauty.

Comfortable armchairs and sofas harmoniously withfurnished dining room, or almost any stylistic orientation. They can also be used to deliver the final accent in the design of a luxurious deck by the pool.

The peculiarity of the structure is such that some products may form one large unit or endless combinations, such as the elegant couch or modular sofa.

In addition, they have a stain repellent and all-weather resistant coating, that is, do not require special care and maintenance.

In the collection there are tables and chairs for outdoor space. They also help in reducing the carbon footprint of the house and promote nature-oriented lifestyle.

Lovely sofas on the terrace

Sofa and lounge chair near the pool

Sunbed with cushions at the pool

Armchairs for relaxation in the air

Table and chairs outdoors

Sofa with pillows

Soft corner of the sofas

Sofas, chairs and tables

Wicker furniture texture

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