Swings in the house, apartment. Good ideas from top designers

Swings in the bedroom

A reminder of carefree childhood ... This is of course the swing. They stop time and even now, long since grown up, people can freely drive a couple of minutes, turn away from all the problems.

Swing: relax and dream

Whether they are made from wood, rubber, plastic, ropes, or old tires and used pallets, it does not matter. Any design and enjoy great and small.

Swing under the house

Simple ideas are often - the best, as it provedarchitects MVRDV, placing them under the swing Balancing Barn (Balancing Barn), holiday house in Suffolk, United Kingdom. Inspirational, practical and fun, they are forced to look at things in a new way.

Swinging under the stars

How about incredible Swing Lamp otBCXSY? Light and movement are merged, forming a fantastic landscape, to create a sense of freedom and privacy.

Backlit Swing

Enjoying a succession of ups and downs

Some people like to sleep in a comfortable rocking chair, anotherWe need wind and scope. That's where the space for interpretation. Bring the fun back into the house. The designers invent all sorts of ways to place in the interior of such a convenient and simple method of relaxation.

Bedroom easily become a favorite place for a leisurely rocking before bedtime. The patio is enough to add a free hanging bed. What do you like?

Swings in the house: photo

Swings in the house with a high ceiling

Swing set on the covered terrace

Modern swings in steel

Wooden swing from scrap materials

Swing on the rope of decorative car wheels

Rope swing in the form of chairs

The closed swing-tent

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