Suspended chair-swing "Cocoon" by Moroso - take a dip in childhood

Multicolored chairs Acapulco

Chair Acapulco (Acapulco) from OK Design

On the eve of the new summer season, we are pleased to announce that the brand OK Design produces unique outdoor furniture from different countries and continents.

Acapulco chair is a classic representativeMexican style. The peak of his popularity came in the middle of the last century. While in these chairs we loved to spend time not only the stars of show business and Hollywood. This model is preferred to the rest of the United States President John F. Kennedy.

Figured Acapulco chair

Armchair popular in our days. It is enough to plunge into the bosom of his weightless and you will feel the magical bliss of summer vacation. This is not surprising, because the model is made by hand in every detail keeps the good energy of the masters.

Modern Acapulco chair is available in several colors, it is not only in tune with any landscape, but any mood.

The design placed on a sturdy steel frame. It is covered with black powder dye.

In addition to the chair, you can buy softcushion of high quality polyester. For her, there are several colors, depending on your preferences, you can choose harmonious with a seat or a contrasting color.

Blue Acapulco chair

Chair-swing Tropical Cocoon (Tropicalia Cocoon) from Moroso- magical greetings from childhood

Chair of the creative designer Partricia Urquiolacertainly give you childhood memories. It is a bright egg-shaped cocoon. Durable steel frame is covered with a red waterproof paint and colored cords entwined. The light, delicate shade does not prevent the movement of air and has a calm day-dream. Sturdy rope chair is attached to the lower branches of a large tree. Its dimensional swinging among the scents and sounds of a blooming garden will give you a lot of pleasant moments.

Chair swing Tropical Cocoon

Colorful chair swing Tropical Cocoon

Tropical Chair Sessel polymer (Tropicalia Sessel Polimer) by Moroso

Polymer chair with steel frame,developed Partricia Urquiola, strong and durable. It easily fits into the architecture of the garden or decorate the banks of the beautiful swimming pool. His architectonic light corresponds to a joyful summer mood.

Tropical Chair Sessel Polymer

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