Sofa convertible (examples pictured)

Grey transforming sofa

Holders of small apartments oftenfaced with the problem of the correct and rational selection of upholstered furniture, because everyone wants to make their accommodation extremely comfortable and safe, while easily maintaining the sense of space and not constraining oneself.

At the same time, anyone would agree that for differentdifferent tasks suitable furniture: the gatherings will have to place a roomy yet compact sofa during deep sleep - smooth and comfortable bed, with passive recreation - chair.

To without time-consuming effortget all of these useful, and even necessary elements, without prejudice to the area of ​​rooms, should pay their attention to a creative and modern style interior, a "click-klyak" mechanism.

Thanks to the transformation of the property, it will provide all that is necessary for the owner.

Two transformable couch

The back is able to easily change his position,unpack and move away from the seat. The main frame is connected in a special way of the reinforced profiles, making the furniture is not only extremely reliable, but universal.

Corner sofa-transformer

The two-storey bed-transformer

Today you can pick up a sofa, according to any idea. Despite the fact that the choice is somewhat limited forms, colors options there is great variety.

Corner blue sofa

The process of transforming the sofa

Also, there is always the option of using stretch covers, which allow extremely save your time and effort to clean the seat.

Modern sofa convertible for relaxation

Folded view of the corner of the sofa

Sofa transforms into a wall

Folding sofa

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