Severe concept of youth furniture from Paris studio 5.5 designers - a sofa for ascetics

Creative sofa cushion

Designers from Paris studio "5.5 designers »presented concept is not quite the usual furniture. Their work, called «Karpett», reminds belt-conveyor for purchases in stores installed before the cashier.

According to the authors intended to replace the several pieces of furniture and interior design - a cot, mat and bench.

The authors of the project is positioned as a combinationthree important components: the creative humor, aesthetics and simplicity. They say young people can not always afford to arrange your accommodation to a sufficient amount of essential items, and it is for such cases Karpett and is due to its versatility.

A lovely sofa cushion side view

Lovely sofa cushion with decorative objects

Great sofa cushion

To some, this concept may seem too neordinyrnym and uncomfortable, but to others it probably would have come to their liking.

Options for use in Karpett more than enough - it can be a rug for a romantic dinner by candlelight, and a kind of homemade "armchair".

And also it can be used as easilycot, accommodation for the night came unexpectedly to visit a friend (or girlfriend). In the collapsed form, this mat with a roller transformed into quite comfortable (though a bit of an unusual appearance) bench.

Stunning sofa cushion in the untwisted state

Creative graphic design sofa cushion

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