Relaxing chaise Loopita Bonita by Victor M. Aleman

Charming chaise lounge by the pool

We present this attractive chaise Loopita Bonita, designed by Mexican industrial designer Victor M. Aleman.

You see the exuberant Latin style in the design of this unique deck chairs that will allow you to relax.

Roller coaster

The most attractive aspect of Loopita Bonita design is its natural appearance, perfectly consistent with the placement in the open air.

The shape resembles a roller coaster design andshade - perfect for relaxing on a beautiful beach with soft white sand. You just can put it in your swimming pool, on a lush green lawn, or in the room if it is in harmony with your modern decor.

Loopita Bonita has two comfortable places forrest and relaxation, and makes it possible to protect against the sun's rays. Comfortable white pillow, fun, flowing forms and a laid-back look, will give you a holiday mood in any space of your choice.

Great beach chair on the grass

Wonderful sun lounger

Beautiful sun lounger by the pool

Creative chaise lounge on the terrace

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