Picture of street furniture from Mariana Lerma classic and modern features

Wonderful outdoor chair by Mariana Lerma

This remarkable collection combined thetraditional and modern motifs in the design of street furniture. Creativity is combined with amazing skill and practicality in a choice of shapes and materials.

Chair with wicker back to the streets of the Mariana Lerma

The structure TITUNA series includes chairs, armchairs,rocking chairs, tables and footstools. The main feature of the design is that the elements of the past are supplemented by strong innovative materials, modern methods and handicrafts.

Furniture has become truly unique. Sets and individual pieces of furniture are versatile as fit perfectly into any space. This furniture can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Seat material emphasizes the aesthetics of traditional Spanish furniture, which became the inspiration for the collections presented. The designer gave his work notes of freshness and modernity.

Bench street from Mariana Lerma

A selection of tables and chairs is simple andrelevance and light shade of vintage creates the feeling that you are at home. Therefore, sitting on such an amazing stool or chair can be anywhere feel the warmth and comfort.

The furnishings are termopokrytie steel and phenolic sheet, made in neutral colors: white, black, beige and brown. chair back structure is represented in eight different ways.

Upholstery fabric made of durable polyesterincreased resistance to the penetration of water and other external influences. TITUNA - this gorgeous designer furniture design with traditional motifs.

Chairs and bench for streets from Mariana Lerma

A little about the firm- producer

Family business GANDIABLASCO founded in 1941, the company originally made only blankets. By the mid-80's expanded production: it started production of high-quality carpets.

And since the beginning of 2000, there exclusively engaged in the production of outdoor furniture. The business strategy of the company is the rapid spread of their own production around the world.

At this time, the company has international status,as well as plenty of shops and retailers in different countries. Through collaboration with popular designers of the company's management has strengthened industrial base in Spain.

Wicker chairs on the street for Mariana Lerma

Mini Biography Mariana Lerma

She graduated from the College of Architecture in Madrid, thenpolitechnical University. He becomes interested in design in college, and in 2010 became the founder of WOW design firms, and later became the studio Micomoler. Mariana worked as a designer and architect in London since 2012.

Material chair for streets from Mariana Lerma

Beautiful outdoor chairs from Mariana Lerma

Bench-table and chair for the streets of the Mariana Lerma

Chairs for streets from Mariana Lerma

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