Outdoor garden furniture Valencia Rattan

Elegant outdoor garden furniture

Outdoor garden furniture from Edeestudio

Outdoor garden furniture from designers EdeestudioIt has become even more elegant look. The company in the furniture industry for more than 20 years and to add innovative solutions, has launched a new collection of reggae. Sofas and soft furniture company «Valencia Rattan» made of teak wood and rattan.

Outdoor garden furniture: bright large sofas

Outdoor garden furniture collection Reagge

Outdoor garden furniture: a wooden coffee table

Table teak and rattan

Timeless and fashionable design with straightlines and a variety of components that can be combined to create a space that meets all the desires of the client. This collection of Edeestudio - part of an extensive project to develop a new design for «Valencia Rattan».

Reagge - this is the first work of studio designerscreating outdoor garden furniture for «Valencia Rattan». The distinctive features of the collection are a great design, excellent performance of parts and Mediterranean style.

The collection is universal: it is ideal for your interior and gardens, home and business meetings.

Outdoor garden furniture: white upholstery sofas and armchairs

Outdoor garden furniture, Edeestudio

Outdoor garden furniture: braided frame furniture

Outdoor garden furniture, Edeestudio

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