Outdoor furniture to bicycle parking

Blue Outdoor Furniture

Those who love cycling will appreciate this idea.

Parking for bicycles: the ideal solution for parks

Made from a single metal mold simple and bright composition - a table and a couple of shops - complemented by a convenient parking for normal bike.

White outdoor bench

Metal screw on a street bench

parking space

It is ideal for parks and suburban areas of cultural holiday, it is due to its weight and solidity protected from hyperactive teenagers and looks very modern.

Screw on metal outdoor furniture furniture

Purple street bench

The idea is called LOL performed just fine, as the product is quite massive in appearance seems pretty easy and thanks to the space between the different details and bright colors.

Purple street bench with parking spaces

Parking space in the bench

Purple street bench with a parking space

Blue bench with street parking space

This furniture is very practical, because it is absolutely not afraid of changes in temperature and humidity, has the necessary strength.

Metal outdoor bench

3D illustration of outdoor furniture

The seatbacks have slots, in which the front wheel is placed "on the other walks."

It locks into place safely and easily, and you can drink tea in interesting company and just rest.

Outdoor furniture with parking spaces

Grey and purple outdoor bench

One model allows you to park four vehicles. The idea is very simple, but very effective.

This alternative to conventional gazebos have much relished.

Metal outdoor furniture set

Gray set of outdoor furniture

Gray metal table

The inscription on the metal bench

Violet set of furniture

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