Outdoor furniture. Photos modern variants

Modern Outdoor Furniture

Now I want to select a group of modern furniture, which is in the sleek style and is designed for outdoor use. This is different tables, chairs and additional accessories.

Modern styles

Initially, I want to recommend two differentoptions, which are combined into one magnificent image. Additional accessories can be used rectangular pots are in the background.

As for chairs, one type - is modular,Sectional steel shade and the other bright yellow rotating seat as if designed for meeting rooms. Very well combined clean and curves.

Modern outdoor furniture on the terrace by the pool

Spring - a time when it would be desirable to lie down and relaxunder the soft sunlight. Then this sleek stylish element made not only in classic neutral colors, but also in black, will help your dreams come true.

Chaise lounge by the pool

Who said that in order to take a break must always lie. You can relax, even if you sit directly, only on condition that the seats are comfortable.

Especially, if you want to sit by. Yes, these chairs are really designed for the street. They are covered with a special cloth and are available in a variety of color schemes.

Chairs by the lake

Retro design is alive thanks to this bright orangebench, made in the style of the sixties. And if you do not like bright colors and are looking for something more muted note that this furniture is carried out also in other shades.

wicker bench

This interpretation of the classical model is verysimple, but the view is stunning, which makes the chair ideal for a variety of design styles. And in combination with slatted seat kind of get a universal, so that the product will be harmonious look in your garden.

The chairs around the dining table

Amazing tables outdoors

If you want a dining room in the open air? Or just a place where you could enjoy your favorite drink? Such furniture is provided in a variety of colors.

A clean straight lines and advanced features make it the ideal lightweight aluminum table for your use. By the way, it can accommodate up to ten guests.

Gray chairs around a table on the terrace

As you probably noticed, the furniture of the wires is one of the leading current trends. This table was developed in Berlin. Surprisingly it combines two styles: modern and retro.

In it there is the inspiration of the fifties. A special luster green moss in the finishing adds a fresh appearance that is perfect for spring.

Coffee table

If you are looking for furniture that serves as a suitable location for a cocktail, take a look at these high tables and chairs. As if this is intended.

Made of aluminum and solid laminate with a white powder coating, they are perfect for open spaces.

High table and bar stools

Lay your reading material on thisa set of two tables which are made of frosted glass. Or you can use them for items such as candles as a stand. These glass tops made of stainless steel, withstand all weather conditions.

Tables of different sizes

Accessories for open air

And now it's time to add a bit of interior glaze. Adding to the space of the yard various accessories, you can make the most chic and noble.

For example, the glass ceramic potswill be very stylish look in any space. Especially if you add a variety of plants, such as Brazil nuts, which add a sculptural view of the design.

Plants in pots round

And those of galvanized steel planters perfectlyavailable for both interior and exterior spaces. Fill them with landscaped greens, and create a modern effect enchanted garden in his yard.

Bushes in square pots

Well, that is without a vignette stylish cushions? When used correctly, durable fabric, your pillows can be quite stylish accessory. The main thing is that they are visually dynamic. Made with bright colors and geometric patterns of blue and yellow, these cushions are perfect for the spring garden.

Designer wicker ottoman terrace

The proposed options seem to have helped you, dear readers dizainall, to mature in order to create an atmosphere in your backyard fairy tale? Good luck!

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