Outdoor Furniture Ductal by Olivier Chabaud and Leveque

Outdoor bench seat and fence

This set is the result of researchthe opportunity to become Ductal street furniture. The challenge was to find methods for the production of accessories that can be adapted to landscape or urban areas, and that it has a low cost.

Repeatability, and therefore able to collect pieces together motivated producer to select a template that has a ribbed structure.

Formed equipment high-viscosity concrete casting offers the prospect of creating a number of different seating patterns (and other components of the spectrum), which suffered a silicone sheet.

Beautiful bench for parks and streets

These deformed shapes 2D CNC machiningtreatment have low investment costs. Ergonomic functional patterns, simple details of plywood can be used to create a number of different parts.

Wonderful seat for urban areas

Great design bench

Delightful bench for parks

Stunning seat for urban areas

Creative seat in the room

Unusual seat - side view

Outdoor furniture by Olivier Chabaud and Leveque.

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