Outdoor furniture by Izabela Boloz

Outdoor benches and decorative elements

Interrelated modules of this street furniture from the Polish designer Izabela Boloz presented as flexible seating for members of the public to sit, lay or climb on it.

Designer outdoor furniture

Author of the project, which is currentlybased in Eindhoven, created traversed the elements, so that users can decide for themselves what they can do here: to get acquainted with someone and talk, just sit back and relax, or get up and play.

Starting from 45 and ending with the 180-centimeter tall blocks, each piece is made of a series of identical geometrical wooden frames.

Beautiful benches and decorative elements for the street

They are stacked horizontally and attachedtogether, leaving a space between each of them equal depth. This structure means that modules can be connected together slotted holes and the other can be shifted in the same close intervals.

In short, they can be arranged as they wish people to form different positions and forms, embodying the goals that have defined for themselves passersby.

Outdoor benches sitting with people

Beautiful bench at the entrance to the airport

Creative bench on the background of the street

Outdoor bench with decorative element

Delightful benches and decorative elements

Design outdoor benches

Creative furniture from the street Izabela Boloz.

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