Outdoor benches by Charlie Davidson, Sunderland, United Kingdom

Outdoor chairs Illuminated

Wonderful chairs illuminated street

Collection Streetwalk outdoor chairs

The unique solution of the British designer Charlie Davidson, who won the competition organized by Sunniside Partnership represented to your attention.

This wonderful collection of outdoor chairsStreetwalk was developed in conjunction with other decorators and artists, including Bill Fontana, SDNA KAPOK and to the main street in the city of Sunderland UK.

Outdoor chairs

Collection of outdoor chairs Illuminated

First, the authors suggest to create a comfortable andoriginal bench, but he abandoned this idea. He had the idea of ​​converting fixed seats for the public holiday in freestanding units, more graceful and light for visual perception.

It completely failed to change the space by interactive and dynamic elements.

A unique collection of outdoor chairs with multicolored lights

Amazing chairs Illuminated

Unparalleled collection of outdoor chairs

A wonderful collection of chairs in the street

Light and art installation

Chairs are made of polymer-based material, and cement with the addition of mica, quartz and colored marble chips.

In the evening, thanks to the LED lamp, built-in paving tiles, and sound modern street art installation comes to life.

Backlight conveys the mood of the changing city, becoming a wondrous flower composition, something resembling a similar urban development project D Tower of NOX.

Creative chairs Illuminated

Photographs and detailed information provided by Charlie Davidson.

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