Original interior decorations - Fishnet chair from Karre

Beautiful chair

Buying furniture, we pay attention to her appearance and convenience. This project perfectly combines beauty and practicality that resulted from non-standard approach.

Designer chair Fishnet - modern

Presented designer chair Fishnet (translated as "Fishing Net") today looks really modern.

Our readers will be interested to know that thisfitment created Sadi Osis master more in 1959. This elegant thing gathering dust in obscurity for more than 50 years and has found a new life thanks to the company Karre.

The idea was born to create a similar chair in the Developer experiments with materials, is clearly not suitable for the production of furniture. He tried to understand the possibilities of their practical application.

Normal fishing net stretched overmetal frame, and today is striking in its aesthetics. he does not seem comfortable enough and strong at first glance. In fact, Fishnet ergonomic and capable of withstanding a decent weight.

Using unconventional materials companyIt produces stainless steel chairs and weaved by hand fishing net. They can easily be present on the deck of the yacht at sea, inspired the designer.

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Charming chair in the conservatory

Lovely chair - side view

Wicker Chair in style

The original design of the legs gorgeous stool

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