Original decor from the Italian factory Marni - a new collection of Animal House

Decor elements in the form of a rooster against a wall

According to the traditional customs of the exhibition of furniture production in Milan, attended not only by the unique brand of the brand, but also numerous fashion houses.

Unity with nature

Thus, the company "Marni" has demonstrated headsets for streets, designed and brought to life by talented artists from Colombia. It is painted in rich, bright and colorful shades.

Conceptual idea has a name"Animal House": in addition to chairs, deck chairs and tables exposition "Marnie" keep and unusual figures of animals. Rabbits, donkeys, giraffes and pink flamingos are made with steel rods of various colors from scarlet to lemon, salad and turquoise.

Beautiful furniture in the shape of a giraffe

The furniture series "Animal House" includes not onlyclassic armchair, but also asymmetrical headset with comfortable armrests and soft benches: the idea decorators, modular components, you can build a variety of designs.

The most unique way can be the charge of and tables. Angular chairs and rocking chairs can be stylish accentuating detail on the veranda or in the garden courtyard.

The original chairs and a table near the wall

original appearance

The idea of ​​modular furniture is associated witha concept that underlies the collection Marni toilet models and decorations, allowing to embody the original unusual look by resourceful exhibitions.

The idea of ​​Animal House and there are friendlyproblem: portion of financial assets with the proceeds will be directed to the Italian community, which helps seriously ill kids, - Associazione Sogni Onlus.

cool chair

Show energy thinking and unlimited possibility of variations in the characteristics important for the workshop this year, as the company operates in the market for twenty years.

Wonderful chair by the door

Contemplate the latest collectible model could be in Milan at Viale Umbria Street, 42.

Beautiful furniture in the form of a hare

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