Original chairs for the outdoor terrace or garden from Altoum Collection of Rue Monsieur Paris

The original chair for the terrace or garden

We experience the vivid instance of a design masterpiece, presented at the largest exhibition in Paris devoted to the design and interior.

Original furniture for hotels and restaurants

The original collection designed Altoumstudio team Rue Monsieur Paris. Unusual and interesting texture silhouette attracted many visitors, specialists of hotel and restaurant business, architects and stylists, who can realistically assess the potential of exclusive furniture.

A wonderful chair for the terrace or garden
The perfect chair for the terrace or garden

Unusual shapes

The chair looks charming, fresh and newmotif embodied in the familiar and ever-changing style furnishings. Free lines and unusual shapes are complemented by warm wood texture with its natural pattern, add a natural beauty and comfort to your home.

It is hard to not appreciate the concise and elegant image, which is a significant advantage that distinguishes it from similar instances.

Perfect chair for the terrace or garden
Charming lounger terrace or garden

It manufactures products in multiple sizes and colors. Each user can pick up a taste and color of the envelope, which is most suitable to his needs.

In the manufacture of used exotic material - laminated fiber of coconut and rattan for their strength resin coated black.

Stunning chair for the terrace or garden
The perfect chair for the terrace or garden
Mind-blowing chair for the terrace or garden

Thanks to its to easy and relaxed way, a collection of beautifully integrated into a classic or modern style interior, will adorn for the outdoor terrace or garden.

What kind of a stylistic bindings and limitations do not exist, because the designers purposely put into it the concept of universality.

Beautiful chair for the terrace or garden

Original design furniture become worthypart of almost any interior design. Natural pattern of exotic wood, the charged energy of the sun caressing, will add to the atmosphere of beauty and positivity.

The magnificence of the image, subtle curves and strong materials make its use in any environment comfortable, practical and attractive.

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