Original armchair Husk Outdoor by Patricia Urquiola for a splendid vacation in the fresh air inlet is

Creative chair

Soon will come the summer. And what a summer without a picnic? And most likely, many are puzzled preparation for this season. We, in turn, want to offer you the idea to select outdoor furniture.

Stylish furniture for rest

If you are already thinking about the occurrence of the summer, weWe can help you decide what kind of outdoor furniture you can use to decorate your deck, patio or terrace. Husk Outdoor Series was designed by Patricia Urquiola for the Italian company B & B.

Creativity and bright armchair tables

Caring for nature

This street version Chair Husk Outdoor, presented at the Milan Design Week, bares a strong resemblance to what is normally used for interior spaces.

As internal version, series Husk Outdoormade from recycled and recyclable materials, highlighting the keen insight into topics such as the environment and the impact on the environment.

Lovely table and chair

Each component has been carefully designed notonly in order to offer a better version of furniture Husk Outdoor, but also to facilitate the processing of easily separating its components and reducing the impact on the environment.

Hard shell made of Hirek -non-toxic, resistant multi-layer compound technopolymer with differentiated density - and soft, brightly colored pillows, offers an attractive design and a comfortable stay.

Beautiful chairs and table

Husk Outdoor Series finished the round coffee table, outdoor furniture set is ready to accompany the summer entertainment and moments of relaxation.

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