Openwork furniture: stunning beach chairs Mariposa by Kate Ryder

An excellent chair and lamp on the ground

Openwork chair: butterfly wings

Young authors continues to amaze us with theircreative vision of the world. Today, the creative forum and we'll show you what the creative power of thought can turn a standard "a piece of furniture with legs and with back, intended to seat one person."

Openwork chair: butterfly wings

Obviously, not unique chair Mariposatoo meet the traditional dictionary definition: have a bizarre shape and completely devoid of legs. Probably, meaning their establishment is not in the interior.

Designer chair on the sand

Openwork chair: butterfly wings

The best and most profitable, they will look somewhere on the patio or in the garden. But the happy owners of the house with access to the sea will find their ideal application on a sandy beach.

However, as the designer says, these pieces of furniture can take its rightful place in the living room, the owners who wish to emphasize their love for conceptual design.

Young man sitting on a comfortable chair

Openwork chair: butterfly wings

Kate Ryder (Kate Rider), a graduate of the College of Art in Edinburgh (Scotland), came up with exclusive chairs conical shape and has performed them in black and white color scheme.

Beautiful chair side view

Openwork chair: butterfly wings

It would seem that completely male version. But the open lace back contributes to the creation of the author's notes of femininity, sexuality and creates a certain similarity with butterfly wings than likely, and due to its name.

Wonderful chairs on the beach

Openwork chair: butterfly wings

limited edition

In the near future chairs Mariposa scheduled not to run in mass production, which saves them the status of furniture "is not for everyone."

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