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You have a problem with the arrangement of street buildingssuch as a spacious veranda or cozy terrace? In this article, devoted to the details of furniture and decorations will be told about the most interesting novelties of this year, as well as the simple things well and allow to rest comfortably on the background of nature.

Fashion trends in furniture design

However Kettal Patricia Urquiola has produced striking chair, with a very appropriate name Roll.

Green armchair Roll

Design studio Brichet Ziegler presented on display its new series, with the telling name of Week-End. One of the items in the collection is a comfortable chaise longue.

Deckchair Week-End

Michael Hilgers created a very interesting table - suspended, and gave him the name balKonzept.

Suspended table balKonzept

Company Tribu made a very simple but quite comfortable couch Tosca.

Couch Tosca

Extreme by Dirk Vinantsa - grill with a striking name "Crater".

Grill "Crater"

Classy type trash from the Trash Chic designer Selab became one of the most successful inventions


Bin Trash Chic

Sebastian Herkner created original chair Banjooli, which can become an ornament to any yard.

Armchair Banjooli

Interesting type of candle holder, made of glass with decoration in the form of leather straps, was presented to the customer and it's called Eichholtz.

Candlestick made from glass with decoration in the form of leather straps

Edition Design belongs to the table, "Illusion", got its name from the hexagonal tabletop.

Table "illusion" with a hexagonal tabletop

Master Ontwerpduo was made uniqueresting-place. Suspended chair Cageling a little different, the fact that it is suspended from the ceiling and made birdcage with soft pillows inside.

Armchair Cageling

Jan Egeberg, along with two other architects, designed and recreated the oil lamp, a very severe type, Elements.

An oil lamp Elements

Carsten Astheymer and Gloster jointlyWe made an interesting object on which you can sit, and called it Bella. The seat of the chair consists of wooden strips, arranged at a small distance from each other.

Chair Bella

Who said samovars - is unfashionable? E.Wolf & Co raised it, and it is very urgent kind.

Cool samovar

The overall work of two professionals from "Ikea» K. Hagberg and M. Hagberg was "ÄPPLARÖ" - pavilion.

Pavilion "ÄPPLARÖ"

Another work, which has become the creation of not just one person, but two - Stephen Burks and Dedon. And they released a beautiful light-planters, which was given the name Dala.

Lamp-pots Dala

Simple in appearance, but quite comfortable rocking chair steel products Francesco Sillitti and Gandhi. DozeQuinze Mecedora has a metal frame, so it is very strong.

Rocking chair DozeQuinze Mecedora

Patrick Norguet, using Driade, invented creative sofa Khaima, which will serve you well in the open air, thanks to the dark visor that covers the piece of furniture from the elements of nature.

Sofa Khaima

Emu The architect presented to the public a folding chair bright orange, Snooze.

Bright orange folding chair Snooze

You do not know that you can lay on the terrace? A colorful outdoor carpet, created by Xavier Mariscal and Vondomom will be your salvation. Las Flores de Klee has a non-staining coloring, which is very useful for street space and abstract pattern line will please the eye.

Carpet with an abstract pattern

The company "Alfa Spa Design" offers you a comfortable chaise longue for relaxing Thermal.

Thermal Lounger

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