Multifunctional Valovi chair by Studio dLux, São Paulo, Brazil

Multifunctional chair, a table in the garden

Studio dLux, formed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, offers unique solutions for projects of various sizes in the field of architecture and design.

A wonderful choice for your garden

Sharing the philosophy of urban youth culture, the studio offers a bold new ideas, combining luxury with refined simplicity and offering products for every taste and budget.

Today, we propose to consider Valovi Chair,which was developed by Denis Fuzii architect and founder of Studio dLux. This charming chair with curved back and seat, is designed to maximize user comfort.

He is going out 19 interconnected parts, without the need for nails and screws, for 1 minute.

The material was used as a solidwood, in combination with Valchromat technology. The panels of wood fiber are painted on all depth, are impregnated with organic dyes and special resin that makes Valovi Chair moisture-resistant and durable.

Creative chairs

These comfortable and elegant chairs will be advantageouslook in any interior. They can be placed in the kitchen or in the nursery, by the pool or in the garden. Bright, cheerful colors and elegant shape enliven any space and will remind of the summer, even on a cloudy autumn day.

Lovely chair poolside

Designer chair at a table in the garden

Charming chairs

Materials provided by Studio dLux

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