Conceptual design of a rainbow: multicolored versatility of modular furniture from Lubo Mayer

Rainbow sofa in a room with decorative elements

Designed Lubo Mayer for the company «Dizajno» interesting set called "Rainbow" has several components: a table, a few chairs and a sofa.

The artist is willing to share some details of his project, which is ideal for creating a fun and cheerful atmosphere in the room.

Wonderful closet and a chair next to the table

The key point of this concept was a light,filled with a variety of rainbow shades. The table, in the form of a glass plate of irregular geometric shapes, as if filled with drops of spring rain, which oddly is reflected rainbow.

great sofa

Functional combination of soft componentsfurniture allows you to split the sofa for a few extra seats, which, in turn, can take the form that is most comfortable for you, the main frame is made of plastic products, making it easy to evolve.

Rainbow chair

Soft components of the kit are made ofwear-resistant material, filled with high-quality polyurethane foam inside. This furniture is not only lift your mood, but also will be a harmonious addition to the corresponding interior solutions.

Delicious sofa

A unique chair - side view

Wonderful sofa and armchair

Delightful chair

Unique back design sofas and armchairs

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