Modular storage system from Lino Stefano Visconti designer brand Formabilio

Furniture set

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In today's story, we will introduce you to the original and exclusive furniture set Lino, developed and embodied in the life of a master Stefano Visconti.

Functionality and quality

Let's take a look at the photographic material submitted and evaluate the aesthetic quality and functionality of this product everyday use.

It's time to say "goodbye" to those uglyplastic boxes to accommodate a variety of things and dusty rattan baskets. Why throw things into containers, which, in turn, you will have to hide from prying eyes in the corner of the room interior or the ones that make your home unattractive?

Unique products are the first modular storage unit that complements the existing home furnishings and removes clutter with style!

Fully customizable with the basic elements of the MDF, spacious and colorful, the rack has a clean design that makes it entirely appropriate accessory in any room of the house.

You can use this piece of furniture inliving room like a magazine rack or as a container for toys in the nursery. He can find an amazing place in a home office or even in the laundry room.

It's great fun using separateparts can create a high composition, which is also able to change their appearance and content, in accordance with the ever-increasing needs of the whole family.

Separate boxes, of which there is a highunique rack and can be used not only together but also independently. They create in the apartment a special expression and expression, which looks very attractive.

Beautiful furniture set

All of the furniture have different performance,different tint and texture palette. Among them are the dark and light wood, as well as two drawers painted in brown and snow white.

Lovely furniture set

Each compartment is equipped with furniture creative small round holes, which are used as holders for moving the product.

Lovely furniture set

They have an unusual geometric shape that gives their appearance even more originality and exclusivity.

Interior decoration boxes was carried out in a saturated coloring that animates furniture and gives it a distinctive personality.

Bright furniture set

Design Lino storage system isa delightful and attractive example of how you can organize the living space in the apartment, to fill it with functional objects, and aesthetically pleasing elements of decoration.

Incredible modern art of furniture was designed and implemented by the efforts of a talented author Stefano Visconti for the corporation Formabilio.

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