Modular collection of cement in the open air - the use of non-standard material in the furniture industry

Beautiful modular seat made of cement

An interesting set of original furniture, which would like to tell visitors of the popular forum. The peculiarity is that it is molded from sheets of fiber cement.

This natural material has been created by Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch from recycled composite, such as cellulosic fibers, is used mostly in the construction industry.

Despite this, the artist was able to find a new use for them - he created a decorative collection of "Dune" blocks.

Unique modular furniture made of cement with decorative elements

This furniture with organic products,It can serve as not only the exterior decoration consisting of several units, but also separately. Design project, carried out in cooperation with the Austrian company Eternit, allows you to create new shapes and colors.

Beautiful modular furniture made with cement

According to the designer, the creation of these pieces of furniture and decor influenced by the very history of the building materials, as well as their technical capacity.

This step was a kind of test for him, since this solid construction raw materials are most suitable for building, but not for the fact that he was able to create.

In the words of the Swiss designer Willy Guhl - there is no good or bad material. Solution of the problem is to find a correct and proper application.

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