Modos system: frivolous design of furniture systems and ergonomic versatility

Stylish table with a glass top, a lamp and laptop on it

Original design stylish furniture always attracts our attention, its charming contours, plastic bends, and the practicality of the condition, which is important in the first place.

This post we dedicate a modern masterpiece ofDesigners Matt Tyson and Andrew Personette, who designed an innovative piece of furniture with mnogrannym purpose and aesthetically appealing way.

Office desk lamp and modular bookcase by the window

Office shelving with decorative items

The first is to consider the mainadvantage - the method of connecting sections. Innovations were made and this aspect, the user can without any extra knowledge and skills to combine and form a section having no problems with the bolts and wrenches.

Revolutionary method includes mounting latches in special aluminum, which are the same for each module, which enables to form any shape.

Section beautiful rack

Stylish clips rack shelves

Creative stand for laptop

Amazing stand for laptop

Initially, it is worth considering the delicious Modos system as a standard shelf, which is universal for the office cabinet, cozy living room and other destinations.

Her design is somewhat reminiscent of a honeycomb, which optimizes it for eco-friendly interior. Recycled plywood for its mild honey hue become an ideal material due to its lightness and practicality.

design variations can be applied todifferent purpose creative furniture. Do you need a table for a laptop? A few simple movements and have a compact and ergonomic device. Or maybe you need a chair for the balcony? There is no difficulty.

Cross stand for laptop

Stunning folding stool

Cool stool on one leg

Original stools on one leg

Lovely stool on one leg

The unique modular system is not limited to the above-mentioned models, to your attention a unique table with a glass top.

Its design and elegant contours allow it to bea universal element for almost any purpose. Whether it is an office, a home office or living room, it will always look appropriate in a unique interior design as an interesting peculiarity.

Bright office desk

Designers confidently demonstrate the quality of its products, both for aesthetic purposes and strength, which is not unimportant condition.

Indispensable office shelving

Delightful modular system developed by young and creative designers, is striking for its qualities and original designing.

Elegant contours of unusual furniture, beautiful natural shade and variations of individual creation design makes it practical and comfortable piece of furniture.

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