Innovative aqua couch from Source Outdoor

Covered beach chair in the shape of sails

Not sure if visitors know how this designer Maria Cichy? That it has developed a luxury nightstand transformer.

Relax on the terrace, enjoying the comfort

This time it visited a new creative idea, which is embodied in a set of outdoor furniture with protection from direct sunlight in a canopy.

Beautiful beach chair in the shape of sails

Parts of the structure parusoobraznogo sunbeds

Due to the characteristic of membranous structures that,without exaggeration, a masterpiece of Sail received the name, which means the sail. It was under this name of the product entered the market on the Polish furniture company Famos.

Personally, I would place it near the pool. And where do you put it, dear visitors of our online fashion?

Covered deck chairs in the shape of the sail at the pool

Schematic occupancy in parusoobraznom lounger

A schematic arrangement of people in the indoor lounger

Covered beach chair in the shape of sails

Aqua couch with an umbrella from the sun on the terrace

Aqua couch - complete relaxation

Cold winter retreats, and now is the time to rejoice offensive sunny spring days! Ahead we await summer and autumn - it's time to relax after the winter frost!

And do not think of a better time of year forto equip our terraces, balconies and other cubbies for the rest! Today we will tell you about an interesting opportunity to indulge a favorite! And in this great help Aqua collection couch Source Outdoor!

Enjoy the fresh air and pleasant contemplation of the world!

Designer day bed on the terrace

Beautiful couches and umbrellas on the terrace

Wonderful couch terrace

Lineup Akvakushetok has three differentembodiment, which range from the smallest (without adding any frills) to large, with a beautiful canopy that protects you from the weather!

New technologies in furniture design

Each unit is made on the newest couchTechnology from a special combination of waterproof fabric, powder-coated aluminum. So now you do not have to worry about expensive furniture on the terrace every time the rain!

Chic plush cushions of various marine shades tempt you to spend more time relaxing, the pool and enjoy the beautiful summer sunset.

We offer book from the collection Aqua couchSource Outdoor, which would correspond to your wishes. The smallest - diameter 127 cm, and most large -. 229 cm Treat yourself to the joy of serene dialogue with myself!

Cool aqua couches with pillows set on the terrace

Chic aqua couches, lounge chairs and sun umbrellas on the terrace

Bright aqua couch cushions

Aqua-couch from Source Outdoor terrace

Unusual aqua couch on the terrace

Stylish aqua couch with protection from the sun

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