How to make the interior decor of wooden branches

Beautiful furniture in a living room interior

You do not know how to make their countryapartments? Be a little imagination and ingenuity, and by using simple materials at hand you will be able to realize unique pieces of furniture set that could radically transform the situation and fill the space of the house fabulous charm and expressiveness.

Home decor wooden branches

Pay attention to an interesting andsimple stuff, like branches of trees. With it, you can create the most original and fascinating design composition. In addition, the use of environmentally friendly products will allow you to give the interior a special comfort and warmth.

Notice how it looks greatcozy seat, backrest and handrails which have been carried out with the use of this natural raw material. Simple and sleek appearance of the headset is perfectly fit into any decor, not only modern but also traditional.

Beautiful chair in the interior

Indeed Dec from Balcony

Painted branches make it possible to create aa fantastic four-poster bed that is perfect for relaxation romantic girl. The structure is made of twigs and branches, which gives it even more charm.

Fantastic bed with white canopy

Bedroom from Bob Greenspan Photography

In the following photo to your eyesdemonstrated creative and unmatched bed construction with wooden posts and marvelous dry compositions, is striking for its beauty and originality.

Wooden four-poster bed in the bedroom interior

Bedroom from OSM Wyoming, Inc

The branches do not always give the interior design rustic style. These bars have been carefully selected to create a modern, concise and elegant bedside.

Interior design bedroom rustic

Bedroom from CHIC Redesign

For the next masterpiece of creative professionalsWe picked up the trunks of birch trees, which have been established with the two edges at the foot of the bed. They not only emphasize the sleek and sophisticated design, but also allow to emphasize high ceilings.

Double bed in the interior of a bedroom

Bedroom by K. H. Webb Architects

Here's another simple example design headboard.

Bed in the interior

Boudoir rustic

And do not forget about the unique opportunity to design a functional children's bunk bed! Creative and great!

Bunk bed in the nursery

Children from the Rocky Mountain Direct

Let's move on to the decoration of the bathroom in an unusualhouse. Flat panels to decoration of the walls give this room an incredible warmth and comfort. This original design complements writhing trunk with expressive knots.

Beautiful Bathroom

Charming bathroom

Here is another example of furniture bathrooms, where branches were used to finish the surface of the wall next to the dressing table.

Creative wash basin in the interior

Toilet from Native Trails

Take a closer look at the following picture. To this end, the interior Master picked up a huge amount of bamboo stalks rich chocolate hue.

Metal sink in the interior

Toilet from Gunson Custom Mountain Architects

You can develop and make a variety of unique variations of design furniture with the help of these simple and unpretentious materials. For example, this elegant console table ...

Beautiful design hallway area

Hallway from Tess Fine

Or creative bar stools ...

Kitchen design in a rustic style

Kitchen by Carl Vernlund

And tiny puffs with excellent finishes ...

Comfortable furniture in the living room interior

Living by Pamela Pennington Studios

Notice how original and creative looks terrific bedside table with amazing high branches, filling the atmosphere of rustic charm and charm.

The wooden headboard

Bedroom from Christopher Stark Photography

Now you can start makingown creative masterpieces which will be able to transform the decoration of your home. After collecting the branches you will need to be thoroughly cleared of moss and loose bark with wire brushes.

We present to you the great andfascinating options decor unusual furniture from talented artists. Do you like these ideas and solutions? Tell us your tips and tricks in the comments to the article ...

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