High-tech furniture Vondom Pillow Patio by Stefano Giovannoni

Beautiful armchairs, chairs, desks and tables on the balcony

For sure you will be interested to learn about the elegant glow in the dark furniture Vondom Pillow Patio. Vondom Pillow Patio Furniture glows in the dark, that looks remarkably during the night.

radiating light

Developed by experts from Vondom data home furnishings create a charming sense of a pleasant evening, even when you're in a private home.

The inspiration for the creation of such decisions was an ordinary pillow. For this reason, it is not difficult to guess that in the foreground was comfortable, and only then all the rest.

Wonderful armchairs, illuminated desk

Velikolepnay table, chairs, armchairs and lamps illuminated

Versatility and comfort

The shape of each item also reminds the pillow,so that the comfort and convenience of such furniture does not need to be confirmed. Vondom Pillow Patio help relax and unwind after a swim in the pool or sharing an evening with friends.

In addition, they can be set absolutely at any place, even in the garden. This solution is ideal to all lovers of maximum comfort.

Delightful chairs, a table and a cabinet under a palm tree

Of course, such a perfect design solutionIt fits into any interior or, as mentioned above, in the garden. Note Design Museum visitors that when you look at these pictures gives the impression of something magical.

In general, we can say that it is an ideal solution not only for those who like comfort, but also for those who love the unusual and original ideas.

Charming bed, chair, chair, table and cabinets with lighting

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