High-quality garden furniture from the company Usona Home

Beautiful chair on the lawn

The company «Usona Home» creates a modern,comfortable furniture with excellent design and elegant lines of different materials - Indonesian rattan different types of wood and wrought iron. Experienced company experts create wonderful masterpieces, designed to decorate our gardens and home gardens.

Unique design

A unique set of garden furniture under the name«Radici» from the Italian designer of De Castelli Celato made of light-colored metal. Huge rectangular table, four chairs with comfortable armrests allow guests and the owners of the garden nestled on the emerald lawn for a picnic.

Lovely table and chairs on the grass

Beautiful chairs

Beautiful chair with decorative elements

In harmony with nature

Comfortable sofa with a snow-white upholstery creates the classic contrast with the trim frame suitable for all created a small garden.

Resting on the couch in the middle of the garden, you will feel in complete harmony with the surrounding nature.

Round bed by the pool

Wonderful bed by the pool - view from above

garden bed

openwork weaving

Set of modern beautiful openworktable and chairs, can set in a secluded corner of your garden, allows to comfortably settle in nature, to talk over a cup of tea and enjoy the blossoming flowers. Stand table and chairs made of wrought iron, treated with white paint and do not corrode.

Beautiful chairs, a bench and a chair on the lawn

Unusual chairs against the wall

Modern beautiful design different gardenFurniture from the Italian firm «Usona Home» transform your garden into a fairy tale, but thanks to high-quality materials all the components of these sets do not pose problems in service.

Bright table

design table

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