Gorgeous photos of modern chairs for open spaces

Fancy chairs and a lounger by the pool

Today we are opening a new topic - unusual design of various outdoor furniture.

It is no secret that with the development of tourism businessand with the expansion of the construction of country cottages for families around the major cities, with manicured green beautiful compositions and a variety of pools, there has been great demand for outdoor furniture: chairs, deckchairs and sofas - swing, fishnet chairs and tables, and much more ...

Furniture for leisure

Therefore, we begin to talk about the workdesigners to design outdoor furniture, which decorate our holiday outside the home. In this summer season the fashion for bright colors and unusual options in furniture for quality and relaxed holiday.

Consider reclining "two in one" from CB2 firm - modern chairs handmade, seat and backrest are made of PVC cord, and a frame made of steel with powder coated.

In appearance it is very nice, modern design andunusual form and names are appropriate - "Acapulco black and blue", "yellow with Ixtapa Aqua Lounge Chair». Bright and extravagant they will be a great decoration for your outdoor swimming pool near the country house.

Modern chairs by the pool

If you prefer a more rigorous forms andbright colors, you will love the lounge chair «AMMERO» from the company «IKEA» is also handmade from plastic rattan in dark brown and beige.

Outdoor rattan chair

Tables for breakfast, lunch or dinner in the open air near the country cottage or in the garden can be a miniature, and respectable size.

Original solutions

There is an original solution from the company «Crate &Barrel »- formed from mineral salts of the compounds, sand, and special fiber tables and chairs look like real stone boulders and perfectly fit into the interior garden or lawn in front terrace.

Such furniture is not susceptible to sudden changes in temperature, all kinds of precipitation, mildew and insects - pests!

Stone tables with drinks on them

Also noteworthy is the seemingly simple gray table with tempered glass table tops instead - it is easy to use and does not corrode.

Grey table with glass top

Non-toxic materials

Lovers of something deep and weighty like a table made of a composite material based on marble, granite, natural stone and natural fibers.

Non-toxic wax creates a protective coating the entiredesign and a modern monumental product can be used as an open-air, and on the terrace or veranda, and an unusual combination of flame-red chairs and table gray color adds color during cloudy days.

Stone table, creative chairs, lamp, dresser with interior elements

Morning coffee on the spacious loggia on the outskirts of the modern metropolis is well decorate a small table for two, which is when uselessness can be folded up and put in a nook.

Made of metal and covered with white powderdusting the table is not subject to weathering and will fulfill its responsibilities for a long time, without requiring careful maintenance. Included are two folding chairs green of similar material.

Folding table and chairs

For lunch outdoors with the whole family in handy large table made of aluminum, lightweight and durable, it will always delight you with its appearance and unpretentiousness in operation.

Metal table

Will interest you with its roundness and a dining table «Acara», made of fiber cement under high pressure.

During a round table top can calmto stay for a meal together outdoors four people, and a special epoxy coating protects the snow white table from external adverse effects.

Round table and original chairs on the terrace

It's nice to sit in the air a large company for the covered spacious desk. Just for such purposes are perfect sets of table and six chairs.

The frames of one of them "ÄPPLARÖ" made of durable aluminum, and the backrest, seat chairs and table top of the table from a set of polystyrene slats are resistant to any change in the weather.

Contemporary chair and table

The other set of «HOGSTEN» is made with a combination of folding table of acacia wood, covered with acrylic paint and metal chairs with white filigree weave.

Modern table and chairs

And finally, another little masterpiece from the company«Crate & Barrel» - dining set «Boxy» stainless steel in dark shades of gray, and chairs are covered with the original mesh UV, not prone to fade in the sun, mildew and resistant to the effects of stains.

Designer coffee table, lamps, dresser and chairs on the terrace

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