Furniture TAME from the Edit Szabo

Creative seats in the hall

Collection TAME seat furniture consists of FOX(Fox) and BEAR (Bear). product line will continue to expand and create new items and a variety of functional accessories such as waste baskets and pots for flowers and plants.

It has a bright but elegant colors: flame red, graphite, pearl, white and bronze. In addition to these "animals" can order any custom color.

Bright seats near the stairs

Data Product Line was designed to be used creatively. These unusual chairs suitable for indoor and outdoor use in private and public places.

Also, they can be arranged in the yard around the fire- They are fire-proof and weather-resistant. Collection is able to give life to children, bathrooms, living rooms, and even in winter gardens is due to their use.

Furthermore - is a function of heating, they can hide the speakers, WI-FI modems chargers. Chairs are easy to maintain and clean, which makes them ideal for bathrooms.

Excellent seats in the hall - view from above

TAME is able to update the space. "Animals" collected "flock", will make a joyful festival or any event due to its sculptural, rounded and friendly manner.

Unforgettable chair with a painting under a tree in the park

FOX prefers organization, part, put together, will look friendlier, in any location. For it is possible to attach the wheels to make it easier to move.

BEAR tumbles can stand as one andtwo, three, and so on. Single more appropriate for children, adults also need to make a wider seat that was free. The furnishings embody the quality, beauty and character.

Delightful chair by the balcony

Their charm and functionality awaken in us the call of the ancestors. What appears from afar geometric form, a closer look reveals the contours of the animal.

We instinctively begin to imagine when we seein front of some form. They invite us to touch them, hold your fingers on the bends to detect subtle arcs and previously unnoticed details.

Unusual seat on the grass

The series proved to be extremely popular in theToday, for all age groups. Grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, fathers, children and adolescents - all gazed collection enthusiastically, patting and stroking it, admiring the awesome fox vertebra and bear down.

Good seats

All the parts that make up the series are made of strong and durable clay weight using traditional methods in the Zsolnay Pirogranite factory.

This unusually long-lived furniture, capableendure even extreme conditions. She fired a high temperature, it turns hard, durable, frost resistant, water resistant, chemically inert, resistant to UV study and easily washable.

Steep seat

stunning seat

Stylish seat in the grass

Modern seat on a background of nature

Unforgettable seat - top view

Creative seat at the entrance of the house

Beautiful seat

elegant seat

luxury seat

Designer furniture from the Edit Szabo.

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