Furniture in the living room: a combination of fashion design and intelligent functionality

Wall modular system for a bright living room

Modern design interior living room is simply inconceivable without walls. This is not just an aesthetic need, because the latest models - it is not only the masterpieces of designing furniture, and a functional system.

save space

Multiple levels and sections are designed for installation of TV, books, accessories, lighting, in addition, they have a rather interesting hidden potential, which attracts attention.

Some of them are designed for completelyamazing goals, designed to optimize the living space. One such example is the Online Wall Unit by Decoma Design developed by Jesse.

Beautiful wall modular system for living room

One of its characteristics is a visuallightness, which emits each composition. This system is ideal for even a small living room, stylish bachelor abode or studio apartments.

Complete with an array of floating shelves and cabinets super smooth, the entire unit has a maximum openness. Their purpose - the full use of vertical space.

The entire range is equipped with a system of sliding guide, is carried out without any contact with the shelves.

Wonderful wall modular system for creative living

Beautiful wall modular system for the living room of drawers

Functionality and usability

Aesthetics and practicality borders withfunctionality. Attractive features are complemented by hidden units designed for a variety of wires, leading to a TV, stereo and other electrical appliances used in this part of the property.

Thus, the cables are no longer visible from the outside, and even charge your phone or other gadgets safely hidden from the eyes.

Easy charger in the living room

Modern minimalism can be called the mostpopular style nowadays, Online Wall Unit perfectly accentuate clean and expressive lines. And even if you like to experiment, you will be surprised how nice it can look in other directions in the design.

To completely fill the vertical, you canadd to it and has a computer or laptop, restraint and simplicity, as shown in the photo below - amazing, is not it good use of space by the wall will come up every.

Modular system for living room

Wonderful modular system in the working area

Wall modular system for a bright living room

Modern living room furniture is made indifferent models. Depending on your needs and wishes and trying to provide the user with the whims of the execution, the designers have developed versions that are designed to install lighting.

Using this feature, you get a stunning version of the multi-level lighting, and hidden behind the walls of the lighting fixtures will add to the image and expression of volume.

Books and vase on the shelves in the living room

Wonderful modular system for living room

Versatility minimalist style varies from the solid system, which occupies a large part of the wall, to small pedestals or sections, creating a floating effect.

The unique modular system for living room

Wall modular system for living room in shades of gray

Excellent modular system for living room in shades of gray

Stunning modular system for living room

Modular system in living species

If you aspire to excellence in the design of their homes, creating an image of the living room, you should pay attention to the line Online Wall Unit stylish modular furniture.

Clean lines, expressive contours,modern practicality and functionality aimed at the optimization of personal space. The system is ideal for the modern trends in design, especially for minimalism.

Providing wall decor, it will not only providelocation for the TV, books and other accessories, but also becomes a full decorative element corresponding to all the aesthetic qualities and the highest quality.

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