Furniture for the attic. Photo bedroom, living room and kitchen

Furniture for interior of the house in the attic

Furniture for a bedroom in the attic

Furniture for the attic, judging by the photos, and bedroomother areas - is exactly what makes the space of the apartment so comfortable and functional. In this eclectic interior of each family member has their own personal area, where he can work and relax. At the same time it is very convenient to gather the whole family.

The largest room of the attic successfully combines a dining area, a work desk for work and relaxation areas.

Furniture for the attic: white plastic chairs in the living room

Large living room

The wall behind the sofa - it is the back side of the modules to store IKEA.

A wooden partition in the interior


Behind the partition is a bedroom adult sonhosts. Platform over the bed - extra space for relaxing with family and a reading corner. Chairs bought in Forma Living, to create designer items for the home company.

Furniture for the attic: the white wooden table

The sleeping area and sitting area

Open space problem - lack of storage space. Here the challenge is partly to cope massive metal cabinet in the industrial style, bought at Alameda Point Antiques Faire.

Furniture for the attic: the original stools

The metal cabinet in the industrial style

This wide chair with deep seat from West Elm fit even two.

Furniture for the attic: a metal cabinet

The chair in the living room of the West Elm

Dining table bought at IKEA and repainted. The design of chairs - from Zuo Modern.

Furniture for the attic: the white wooden table

Dinner Zone

This office sofa delivered to the owners could take their clients there.

Furniture for the attic: gray ottomans instead of table

Home Office

Such metal chairs from Forma Living versatile and very easy to use.

Furniture for the attic: black metal chair


On the second floor there is a kitchen and a bedroom of the spouses.

Furniture Attic: a wooden staircase

Stairs to the second floor

Built-in shelves in the kitchen provide extra storage space

Furniture for the attic: white open shelves

Built-in shelves in the kitchen

Kitchen island made hands of owners of the chest, piping and countertops. Next to him - comfortable bar stools bright green color.

Furniture for the attic: light green bar stools

View of the kitchen island and the bedroom

Border bedroom and kitchen only marks a big flower pot on the floor. Growing figs in it, as well as a plant on the table enliven this bright room.

Furniture for the attic: open wall shelves

View of the bedroom from the kitchen

By wicker white carpet owners like to walk barefoot.

Furniture for the attic: white cabinet

Bedside rug in the bedroom

Bedspread on the bed has a beautiful geometric pattern.

Double bed with colorful cushions

Textiles on the bed

To frame mirror formerly used a picture Baguette purchased on markdown.

Furniture for the attic: small wall shelves in the bedroom

Bedroom with mirror

Next to the bed - a convenient tool for storing jewelry from Forma Living. Map frame was bought during a trip to Italy.

The original stand decorations

Stand for jewelry from Forma Living

To the right of the door to the bathroom is an outdoor walk-in wardrobe with clothes.

Multi-white cabinet

Built-in closet

This attic - a vivid example of how to correctly build a huge space. Share in the comments about his impressions of this interior.

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