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Folding bed in the interior space

tend to desire each person toimproving existing home environment. I want them to be comfortable and convenient. Being in a city apartment studio, great desire to have a spacious, not crowded area.

Here there is the greatest need in bedsTransformers. They can fold out from the wall down or be behind the bookshelves. Regardless of the size and configuration of these pieces of furniture are suitable to various bedrooms.

We offer regular visitors to get acquainted with some samples, from classical models refined to immaculate DIY versions, which you can easily install yourself.

Beautiful folding bed in the interior space

Wonderful camp bed in the interior space

Home office or guest room

The sleeping area can be perfectly hidden behind a wooden wall in the office.

If you're a workaholic and linger for a long time the documents you ideal comfortable polutorametrovy table which after use can be folded and put aside.

The vacant gap to set the bed,discreetly hidden in the exclusive closet and sleep until the morning without disturbing unnecessary noise close confident people. This versatile bed can be useful in case of arrival of relatives. It successfully accommodate two people.

Lovely folding bed in the interior space

If you aspire to freedom and spaciousness in itshouse or apartment, a great idea is clearly designers you like. It is achieved by means of open shelving installed to the ceiling around the perimeter of the room.

A positive feature of them is that the dimensionsmay vary depending on your needs. The entire structure is made to order and serves as a perfect complement for the storage of various items.

There may be books, figurines, and various decorations, there is a place for a computer with a comfortable chair beside him.

Delightful foldaway bed in the interior space

On the carpet in the middle of the office, sitting comfortably inleather easy chairs, you can spend time for conversation or reading books, magazines, watching. The central part of the shelves specialists offer high close a door, behind which hide a bed.

When the need arises, we get a great landscaped sofa from Montana Murphy Beds. It looks great on the free wall loved art reproductions.

Stunning examples of built-in sofas

Not all folding structure converted from the walls. Interesting ideas designers are systems that retain a sufficient amount of space. You can verify this by the example of stylish ergonomic enclosures.

By modifying them, we get a luxurious bed. This practical furniture has a wide color range, allowing it to pick up the tone of the main decoration of the room. Embedded in the side surfaces niches are used to demonstrate paintings, books.

Amazing folding bed in the interior space

Cost-effective solutions

It is no secret that many elite furnitureheadset with the ability to transform, are not cheap. Not every family can afford a fairly expensive purchase. But folding bed quite capable of making their own.

The model you see, it has cost the ownerabout 150 dollars. For its assembly were purchased doors, plywood, fasteners, and other necessary materials. On installation it took about 4 hours. The result exceeded all expectations!

Multifunctional wardrobe conceals not only a cot, but also has a large number of niches for storing a plurality of various household items.

Popular multilateral bookcases knownproduction and trading company IKEA have changed, getting more isolated double sleeping behind sections of popular science literature.

Cross folding bed in the interior space

Stylish furniture La Literal have liking minimalist. Strong metal frame allows you to open both or only one wooden bottom, depending on the situation.

The well-known company for the production of compactdesigns developed models of folding beds, fixed to the wall. This innovative approach enables the optimal use of space, which is especially valuable for small apartments, rooms of student dormitories, hotels, guest apartments.

Luxury folding bed in the interior space

Luxury folding bed in the interior space

In the children's room

Folding beds twins - a real find, when two children live in the same room. I do not rule out the possibility that in the family one child, who often invites friends with an overnight stay.

Unusual folding bed in the interior space

Compact standard version is appropriate for the premises with a small area. The first and second floor is closed simultaneously with the stairs. The top shelf is recommended for children up to 12 years.

In addition, the model is very economical when shipped and during transport.

Stylish folding bed in the interior space

Furniture ensemble for the child's room, whichyou can see in the pictures, this spring has been presented at the exhibition in New York. House of Design, located in Manhattan, each year invites visitors to enjoy the new architectural exhibits small interiors.

Set wall is decorated in soft blue andlilac tones. Folded furniture ensemble frees precious space to practice baby. Open area even allows the child to free ride on his toy truck.

And when it comes to sleep, space fills comfortable cot. It should be noted the high reliability of the retention mechanism of this design.

Modern folding bed in the interior space

Modern innovative technologies todayThey offer incredible ideas Bed Transformers. In addition to its ergonomic design amazing exceptionally easy to fit into any style. We hope that our example tempt you to daring ideas of innovative transformations in their apartment or house.

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